New versions of IM-messenger QIP 2005 and QIP Infium

December 10, 2008, 12:19 am

new versions of im-messenger qip 2005 and qip infium   An update of popular alternative IM-client QIP. Updated version of QIP 2005, and version QIP Infium. The reason for renewal is that the company AOL, once again, without warning amended protocol ICQ, with the result that many users of QIP and other alternative clients were unable to gain access to the network.
In addition to changes to guarantee a stable relationship, a new version of QIP Infium and made other improvements. Thus, a system of postal notifications, improvements in productivity programs and the service file. qip. ru, realized the opportunity to call on city phones.
Interestingly, the developer QIP Ilgam Zyulkorneev called the action by the AOL adware action. The number of simultaneous on-line users to the jabber-server qip. ru for the first time exceeded 300 thousand. And we guarantee a stable link new and existing users of QIP, - he said.
Download QIP Infium 9020 can be here.
updated version of QIP 2005 (8080) is available here.


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