News of the day:Prospects of competing with Intel Atom processors AMD

April 29, 2008, 2:31 pm

   A few days ago, the company AMD in the person of new Executive Director Dirk Meyer announced plans to enter the market cost of processors for portable electronics, in particular, working with computers for Internet Or nettopov. Then an indicative date for the release of new devices known as the autumn of this year - according to unofficial information, in November 2008. But only recently received information saying that the new products we will have to wait much longer - likely will fall only announce processors.
According to Nigel Dessau (Nigel Dessau), heads of marketing department AMD, the company currently only interested in the market of processors for portable computers, go to him chipmeyker in the short term, no plans. According to him, the company does not deny the importance of this market segment microprocessors, as does and does not deny its growth, but become prominent player in this field has not yet been able to AMD. Thus, given information about new product announcements this fall, you can make the assumption that commercial ready solutions based on AMD is unlikely to emerge before the end of 2009, the beginning of 2010. Indeed, after the announcement the company would take several months, until spring 2009, to design and manufacture of microchips technology training, and by the end of summer, their decisions will prepare OEM-partner companies. And yet only a few months on the market to start seeing netbuki based chips AMD.
Moreover, even the company Intel does not deny the fact that laptops on processors Atom decisions are numerous trade-offs - complete work on documents is complicated compact size of the devices, as well as the keyboard;device also can not boast high performance, which reduces a list of tasks to perform Atom-capable system. In addition, the company Intel had some problems with the positioning processor, which could be seen as competitors chip Celeron, and therefore had to artificially reduce the functionality and nettopov netbukov in order to prevent their competition with the entry-level desktop computers. But most importantly, that the low cost of integrated circuits does not allow to obtain substantial benefits from the development, production and sales of these decisions. This makes the task of effectively combating the price for AMD very difficult in mind the absence of such a large resource, which has Intel.
competition with Intel in a new market for AMD compounded by the fact that chipmeyker does not yet have in its arsenal of system logic, suitable for this type of devices like laptop computers. In addition, the company has not yet mastered 45 - nm process, and thus would be compelled to produce 65 - nm processors, which are unlikely to be able to boast a record low consumption power.
At the moment we can say the following:information on the characteristics of processors Bobcat, which consume between 8 and 10 watts, and are subject to 65 - nm rules, suggests that these solutions can become the basis for future products. Urgent low market entry and inexpensive processors for AMD is impossible today - competition with Intel is likely to simply unequal, and therefore meaningless.


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