Next flight WhiteKnightTwo:Space tourism has become even closer

March 31, 2009, 1:55 pm

next flight whiteknighttwo:space tourism has become even closer   On the 3DNews we have repeatedly written about the successes and defeats engineers Virgin Galactic, which several years ago voznamerilis to make space tourism more interesting and cheaper. Recently it was reported that the aircraft WhiteKnightTwo, designed for space launch, has completed a third test flight - the most distant and high-speed, which is two and a half hours, with a maximum speed of 140 knots and a height of about 5500 meters. During the flight was performed 7 additional tests, including the restarting of the engine in flight, further testing to expand the parameters WhiteKnightTwo and analysis of aircraft in flight.
In addition to the launch of SpaceShipTwo, WK2 aircraft will also be used to launch cargo into space research, and training exercises. It can also be used to launch guided missiles capable of delivering satellites into low earth orbit.
The pilot-test, Peter Siebold, who also held the first two flights he said that continuing the testing of aircraft WhiteKnightTwo, Virgin Galactic specialists seek to complete the conquest of the stratosphere and the achievement of maximum potential height of more than 15000 meters.


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