Nexus Radio 2. 2. 5:Internet radio for everyone

October 22, 2008, 12:19 pm

nexus radio 2. 2. 5:internet radio for everyone   The new version of the program that provides user-friendly interface for listening to Internet radio stations. The program has a huge catalog stations, which for convenience divided into genres. You can record from radio, and not just a song that sounds at the moment. In Nexus Radio is Task Scheduler to set the beginning and end of recording. During recording, Nexus Radio can determine the beginning and end of each song and create a new file for each of them. In other words, you can even record the entire broadcast and received at the outlet of a set of MP3-files. If you want to word a song, just go to the Filters tab, and then add her name. In this case, when you turn on the recording program to record only the song, while the other missed.
The latest version improved compatibility with Windows Vista, and corrected many errors.
Developer:Egisca Corp Distribution:free Operating system:Windows All Size 7 1 Mb Download can be here.


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