Nintendo DSi sold out run of 435 thousand in the first week

April 20, 2009, 1:22 pm

nintendo dsi sold out run of 435 thousand in the first week   As expected, DSi (updated DS Lite) very successfully launched in the United States. The official Nintendo, for the premiere week in the region has sold 435 thousand boxes of new gaming machine. This is almost twice as much as starter edition DS Lite for the first 7 days, which amounted to 226, 300 thousand units.
Note that in this month DSi also managed to take fourth place in the list of the most bystroraskupaemyh consoles in the UK. The system was unable to get to first place only because that country has long been dominated by PlayStation and its many ramifications.
During March 2009 Wii and DS success outstripped sales of all major competitors. Four games from Nintendo to fall into the list of 10 best-selling projects for prefixes. Note that the regular part of Pokemon stopped at the second position, having passed forward Resident Evil 5.
To date, Nintendo took the system from about 58, 4% U. S. market. Among the main factors contributing to the demand for data retention system - good price, and the game.


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