Nintendo has reduced the cost of assembling Wii at 45%

April 9, 2009, 5:50 pm

nintendo has reduced the cost of assembling wii at 45%   It`s no secret that many of today`s consoles manufacturers produce goods at a price that is above the cost of iron. Formed the developers then compensate for the loss of royalties from publishers and sell numerous accessories. So do Microsoft and Sony, but Nintendo.
This Japanese company at all times avoid such schemes and has always earned on sales of consoles. It happened with the Wii, which debuted in November 2006. With every passing month attachment brought us more and more money. The reason was not only very popular product, but gradually declining production costs. According to analyst Tobata Koya (Koya Tabata) from Credit Suisse, Nintendo has managed to reduce the cost of production of its stations by 45% !
Of course, any talk of reducing the cost of production would inevitably lead to speculation about the decline in retail prices. According to Tabaty (Tabata), this possibility does exist. Given the 99-dollar price of the PS2 and the low cost of Xbox 360, Nintendo may well temper their greed.


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