Nintendo said yes NVIDIA PhysX

March 21, 2009, 11:02 am

nintendo said yes nvidia physx   The success of Wii consoles available in the first place unique games and the management. The graphical portion is not in the first place. Following the Sony Computer Entertainment Inc (SCEI), the company Nintendo has signed a licensing contract with the Californian giant image on the right to use SDK for NVIDIA PhysX.
Recall that the prefix Wii uses a graphics subsystem chip ATI. Throughout the world, has sold nearly 50 million copies of the console. NVIDIA PhysX SDK to include a full API and a powerful physical engine. This set of tools for software development will be an excellent tool for the control of the physical interactions of characters and objects in the game.
Perhaps the next major player in the console market, which will join the NVIDIA PhysX, the company will be Microsoft. Xbox 360 as well as the Wii graphics chip uses ATI.


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