Nissan will demonstrate the system to prevent accidents

November 15, 2008, 7:05 am

nissan will demonstrate the system to prevent accidents   Nissan Motor Company promises to demonstrate its new car with a mounted collision avoidance systems All-Around Collision Free during a special congress to be held from 16 to 20 November in New York.
The composition of All-Around Collision Free includes several systems Back-up Collision Prevention (BCP), Side Collision Prevention (SCP), Distance Control Assist (DCA) and Lane Departure Prevention (LDP). Consider each of these innovations.
Side Collision Prevention - sensors installed on the sides of the car, catch impediments to finding a neighboring lane and the system slows the car to avoid collision with them.
Back-up Collision Prevention - sensors installed on the sides and rear of the car, do not run one with a neighbor for parking when you delivers ago.
Distance Control Assist can determine the distance to another vehicle or object. If you`re driven to meet a tree, the machine will automatically reduce speed and pritormozit.
Lane Departure Prevention helps keep the car in one lane, based on the separation lines.
The combination of all these elements can almost completely eliminate accidents and to make possible the movement on the roads safer. True, it will need to be equipped with such systems of all other vehicles.


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