Nizkoprofilnye SPARKLE GeForce 9400/9500 GT under the bus PCI

October 31, 2008, 10:14 am

nizkoprofilnye sparkle geforce 9400/9500 gt under the bus pci   To this day, the company SPARKLE Computer Co. has managed to release to the market a multitude of different design modifications graphics adapter NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT and NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT, but the developers seem to have thought this is not enough. Now consumers on the court, they decided to invite several more models of low performance tire manufactured by PCI.
As reported in the published an official press release, boosters under the symbol SP94GT512D2L-HP, SP94GT512D2L-HPP, SP94GT1024D2L-HP and SP94GT1024D2L-HPP have 16 streaming processors and operating at frequencies 550/1400/800 MHz, while video card with serial numbers SP95GT512D2L-HP and SP95GT1024D2L-HP has 32 Shader units and are characterized by frequency formula 550/1350/800 MHz. However, solutions are staffed DDR2 memory with a 128-bit interface, which is 512 or 1024 MB. It is also worth noting that the options with literary HPP equipped with a passive cooling system based on the original design of aluminum radiator, while lowering the temperature of other new products is odnoslotovy cooler with a fan.
All adapters are compatible with DirectX 10 support technology NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology, NVIDIA PhysX Technology and NVIDIA CUDA Technology, and bred fitted to the rear panel outputs DVI, D-Sub and HDTV.
As for the cost and timing of the massive sales of the above products. then any information on this subject from their creators had not yet been reported.


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