Nokia - double champion green rating Greenpeace

September 19, 2008, 6:16 am

nokia - double champion green rating greenpeace   The international environmental organization Greenpeace recently published a ninth consecutive quarterly top green electronics, which gives an assessment of 18 leading world producer of personal computers, mobile phones, televisions and game console. In drawing up the ranking takes into account the policies companies use in the production of toxic chemicals, the level of responsibility for recycling end-of-life electronics, as well as the impact of their activities on climate.
Leadership in the rating on the right can be proud company Nokia, a well-known worldwide for its mobile devices. At the specially designed system of assessments Finnish manufacturer has received 7 points out of 10 possible. Nokia Moving to the top of the table can be explained by the fact that the company succeeded in receiving an old technology in India - estimated to local units of Greenpeace, politics Nokia in the field of reception and recycling of electronic waste is one of the best in the country. Note that Nokia has previously headed the green top, in its fifth edition.
The most energy-efficient products, to assess Greenpeace, released Apple, Nokia, SonyEricsson and Samsung. Toshiba Company noted particularly the drafters of the rankings - for the improvement program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
From 15 to 3 line moved Fujitsu Siemens Computers - thanks to the decision in 2010 to completely eliminate the production of PVC and brominated antipireny. To date, failed to make any of the companies, although some have already been released to the market products with lower content of PVC and brominov.
followed by Nokia and SonyEricsson head of Apple, Steve Jobs stated that the company`s new iPod will be released without adding PVC, brominov and mercury. But the new model iPod has a serious drawback - the battery is soldered to the body. As shown, when it is cheaper to buy a new failure of the apparatus, rather than change the old battery that only increases the flow of the already-growing electronic waste, Greenpeace representatives noted.
Another company - Intel recently stated that transistors its new Xeon processors 5400 will contain dielectric with hafnium - instead of previously used brominov.
But the company Philips is among the outsiders earned penalty points for refusing to support the individual producer responsibility for the reception and disposal otrabotavshey technology. According to Greenpeace, its own electronic waste recycling program - one of the worst rating among the participants. Meanwhile, the company gets penalty points for using double standards, as well as the stated policy inconsistency real requirements.
With regard to game console manufacturers, they are still weave in the tail. The latest Microsoft has earned the rating of 2, 2 points, Nintendo - 0, 8.
more clearly assess the situation using the following rating scale.


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