Nokia E97:an envelope with a large OLED-tachskrinom

April 6, 2009, 4:17 pm

nokia e97:an envelope with a large oled-tachskrinom 
nokia e97:an envelope with a large oled-tachskrinom   Phone Nokia E97 could be the perfect mobile assistant, if there. Envelop Concept is the work of French designer Fabena Nauroya (Fabien Nauroy).
As задумке author, in the future, Nokia E97 Envelop able to lead the line of business devices, Eseries. Its distinguishing feature - removed OLED-screen that can be used for other purposes (to view photos, web surfing, etc. ) and secondary (he can play the role of removable drive).
In the body of integrated keyboard with QWERTY layout and the main display, which informs about incoming messages, new messages, battery, a person who play the songs and so on.
Nauru does not exclude that in future all people will be forced to use several SIM-cards due to various conditions of contracts. Therefore, the concept was a place for two SIM-cards.


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