Nokia plans regarding netbukov and MID

April 14, 2009, 9:02 am

nokia plans regarding netbukov and mid   This year, Nokia will market notebooks and will consolidate the position in the segment of MID. Official information about the device yet, but there are projections, assumptions and hearsay.
At the end of the year on the market a wireless Internet device with 4, 2-inch tachskrinom and sliding QWERTY-keyboard. Another device with similar capabilities in a well-thin shell and is called the Nautilus. It will be released in early 2010. The devices will run Linux-platform Maemo.
Compiling netbukov will be entrusted with the company Foxconn. According to rumors, Nokia does not consider this area a priority. Efforts will be directed to the development of new smartphones and communicators. By the end of the year at the flagship machines will be installed Linux-platform and Symbian S60 Nokia phones will become a lot lower and middle levels.


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