Nokia is working on a next-generation phones

November 17, 2008, 6:38 am

nokia is working on a next-generation phones 
nokia is working on a next-generation phones   The company Nokia is not without reason the market leader in mobile phones. Engineers working in the firm can not only respond adequately to the needs of today`s buyers, but also anticipate, or rather to create a future trend. Back in 2004, the company demonstrated the concept phone, much of which has touch-sensitive screen. Later this idea brilliantly realized Apple.
In 2008 Nokia spoke about her view of the next generation of phones. If the forecasts of specialists met again, by 2012 we will have to wait for flexible phone with semi-transparent shell and a mass of a fantastic opportunity.
The new concept is called morph. Over its employees Research Center Nokia, based in Cambridge, as well as specialists from Helsinki. The developers emphasize the use of nanotechnology, which should help to revolutionize the look and capabilities of these devices. Scientists have shown what additional functions provides transparency corps. The main piece device has been its transformation. Building up and the main and optional modules, which can be freely assembled and disconnected that appropriately reflected in the functionality. It also allows you to experiment with new kinds of food.
Nokia is also studying the issue of elasticity. The company wants to use special materials (soft polymers) to make the design flexible, allowing clients to bend the machine and put into the hands of the bracelet. In the next generation of mobile phones will also be integrated variety of sensors, which inter alia define the physical and emotional well-being of the user. Thanks to these innovations radically change the interface.
The ideas promulgated by Nokia, extremely interesting, but we have some reason it seems that they translate into reality will require a lot of time and until 2012, given the global economic crisis, designers did not uspeyut.


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