Notebooks ASUS M50Vs/Vm:Two surprise

October 13, 2008, 6:51 am

notebooks asus m50vs/vm:two surprisenotebooks asus m50vs/vm:two surprise 
notebooks asus m50vs/vm:two surprise   The majority of World Records for disperse mobile processor Intel (AMD also) have been established through a laptop computer company ASUS. And the thing is not that they are something special and have extensive means to disperse. Case in klokere, which is referred to as ICS9LPR363DGLF and almost always next to any modern set of logic Intel in notebooks ASUS. Our news can often be found rapid tests processors, had excelled upper potential, and as a platform solutions used ASUS.
Surprise first. Even during the Announcement Centrino 2, we noticed that the new model laptops ASUS, built on the basis of this platform, not to disperse, with the help of SetFSB. Then the special significance of this is not given and it was hoped that with the advent of stores such decisions, the situation will change and everything will be to their seats. Came to our laboratory notebooks ASUS M50VC and M50Vm showed otherwise.
try all available klokery in utility SetFSB version 2. 1. 74. 0 it became clear that with the acceleration processor on a new line of notebook PCs ASUS is not yet so simple. Hope only on the author`s utilities SetFSB, it is simply obliged to add support for new klokera in its program. To this end, we decided to help him and find a frequency generator on the motherboard notebook. Vintikov opened slightly and lifting the lid, was found in only one chip, resembling frequency generator, but it does serve to another. Further, it was decided to discontinue the search, given the complexity of the dismantling of all,"abdomen"notebook.
The second surprise. When you first start a laptop we expected a very low frequency screen, equivalent to 18 Hz. Work in this mode is very difficult and not comfortable. The same feeling occurs when the resource play in the game on a weak PC, even in the game menu cursor has"floats". The solution to this problem simply, remove the driver, NVIDIA, restart the laptop and install the driver from the disc, which comes in the kit.
summing up, I would like to say that laptops ASUS M50VC and M50Vm necessarily be considered by us in more detail, they deserve it. Nice design, good price/performance, modern platform.


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