Notebooks ASUS Omega:between EeePC and Lamborghini ?

December 12, 2008, 9:30 am

   Taiwan resource, with reference to kitayskoyazychny source Apply Daily reported on the company`s Asustek Computer plans to bring to market in 2009, a new brand of notebooks - ASUS Omega.
According to these sources, had not yet been confirmed officially, under the brand Omega company Asustek Computer will promote laptops in the sector, called the top entry-level sector. That is, presumably, notebooks Omega will become a kind of elite among low-cost mobile PCs.
under Article positioning and price:it is expected that a series of Omega will fit into the price range of around 20 -30 thousand Taiwan dollars (something like $ 600 - $ 900). However, not seduce, we have a price on tradition still will be slightly higher than Taiwan. In any event, positioning it is clear that the success of dizzying takeoff brand marketers ASUS EeePC nurtures hopes to make a golden double with a brand Omega.
The likelihood that the information on the brand ASUS Omega did not duck very loud. If only because of the new brand name followed by numbers:next year Asustek intends to sell approximately 8 million notebooks Omega. Alas, until that is all any information on the technical component of the brand has yet been received.


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