The November report on the activity of spammers from Kaspersky Lab

December 22, 2008, 11:18 am

   Kaspersky Labs recently submitted a progress report on the activity of spammers in RuNet for November 2008.
Last month the fall was marked by the closure of U. S. hosting provider McColo, a resource which worked command center several major botnetov. This resulted in a drastic reduction in spam traffic in the world, including in RuNet. For example, the proportion of spam in Russia`s e-mail traffic accounted for 73, 7% (in October - 79, 9%). The lowest figure - 50, 5% - marked by 13 November, the day following the closing of hosting.
The percentage of letters containing malicious attachments, increased slightly and amounted to 2, 28% of all electronic communications. Share fishingovyh letters in November decreased to 0, 76% (in October - 0, 83%). The share of graphical spam remained unchanged compared with last month - 9%.
As in the October issue of global financial crisis continues to be actively used spam community. Offers various goods and services to spammers justified desire to help you survive the collapse of the global economy.


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