Nuke 5. 1v5:program kompozitinga

April 23, 2009, 1:21 pm

nuke 5. 1v5:program kompozitinga   The company Foundry Visionmongers released a new version of the system for kompozitinga NUKE. The program used to create special effects in more than 45 films, including King Kong and the day after tomorrow, as well as in hundreds of commercials and music videos. Among the possibilities NUKE:three-dimensional workspace with support. OBJ, keing based on images projected 3D-cameras, 64 channel data EXR, creating scripts, flexible interface.
The latest version, there is no innovation, just corrected many errors.
Developer:Foundry Visionmongers Operating System:Mac OS X, Linux, Windows. Downloads can be here.


• kompozitinga
• Nuke5.1v4
• Nuke5.1v4-mac-
• nuke5.1v5 linux
• Nuke5.1v5 mac
• Nuke5.1v5-linux
• Nuke5.1v5-mac
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