The number of users of Opera Mini for the year increased by 157%

April 28, 2009, 7:02 am

the number of users of opera mini for the year increased by 157%   Opera Company presented the report of the mobile Internet in March of this year. Last month, Opera Mini browser benefited from more than 23 million people - at 12, 1% more than in February 2009 and to 157% - than in March 2008 over March 2009, users downloaded more than 8, 6 billion pages. It is at 17, 4% more than in February, but the result of a one-year limitation is exceeded by 255%.
In March 2009, using Opera Mini on the user`s device has been downloaded 148 million MB of data, at 19, 3% more than a month earlier and 319% - over the previous year. Opera Mini is able to compress data at an average of 90%. If they are not subjected to compression, Opera Mini users would have to download to their mobile devices about 1, 4 petabyte of information.
Russia remains the largest user of Opera Mini. Last year, the number of users of the browser is increased by 102% and the number of downloads of web pages - by 216%. The average Russian user browsed 428 web pages per month.
For the first time in the number of visits to the site odnoklassniki. ru overtaken mail. ru. Social network vkontakte. ru still the most popular among users of Opera Mini in RuNet.
As for the models, the most in Russia Opera Mini using the owners of Nokia 6300, Nokia N73, Sony Ericsson K790i, Sony Ericsson K750i, Nokia 6233, Sony Ericsson K550i, Nokia N70, Sony Ericsson W760i, Nokia 5310 and Nokia 6120c .
The report for March 2009 contains data on the nature of the use of mobile Internet in the Top 10 countries during the average day (examined data of Tuesday, 17 March). In all regions, except the two most actively used Opera Mini in the end of the day - from 20:00 until midnight. The exceptions were Indonesia and China, where the peak loads the web page comes in the period from 12:00 to 16:00 and from 8:00 to 12:00, respectively.
Full version of the report can be viewed here.


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