NVIDIA will accelerate the shift to 40 - nm tehprotsess

August 21, 2008, 12:07 am

   NVIDIA Corporation is only beginning to translate its graphics processor at 55 - nm process, but the next step will be faster than expected - as reported online resource VR-Zone , California developers are counting on their way out 40 - nm integrated circuits before the emergence of competing solutions to AMD.
According to the information received, the first 40 - nm NVIDIA graphics processors will become mobile videochipy with code N10x, which are replacing modern 65-/55- nm chips NB9x. A little later at 40 - nm tehprotsess and manufacturing takes videochipov for desktop computers, which will create the basis for its dual-GT200-based video.
Proizvoditelem graphics processor, the old tradition, the capacity of TSMC of Taiwan tehprotsessu with code 40G.


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