NVIDIA will cease production of chipsets ?

June 10, 2008, 8:27 pm

   The DigiTimes Taiwan site, with reference to the ongoing situation close to the source among manufacturers of motherboards announced that the company decided NVIDIA howling out of business for the production of chipsets. Argued that this week NVIDIA partners invited to meet in order to learn the degree of support now being developed chipsets in the future, but the response from the manufacturers boards was only silence. And then finally surrendered NVIDIA.
So far, is still not known dopodlinno, but it moved a team of developers NVIDIA chipsets for projects related to graphics processors. Some manufacturers of motherboards, for its part, has already cancelled the upcoming"senior"models of motherboards based chipsets series nForce 7.
The loss of business NVIDIA chipsets in the short term may also affect the business GPU. Many producers do not expressed a desire to use the chips in their products nForce 200 (BR04), who could provide support SLI technology on motherboards based on Intel X58. Therefore, NVIDIA will quickly find another way to support configurations with multiple GPU, using Intel chipsets and/or AMD, to have an adequate response to the solutions offered by AMD CrossFire. This news also put a cross on hearsay related to the possibility of using NVIDIA chipsets in future laptops Apple, even if such projects really existed.


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• nvidia motherboard production
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