NVIDIA Chipsets for Intel Atom technology will support SLI

December 16, 2008, 7:15 am

nvidia chipsets for intel atom technology will support slinvidia chipsets for intel atom technology will support sli 
nvidia chipsets for intel atom technology will support sli   Today`s mini-laptops, also known as netbukami, most of them based on the latest economic platform of Intel Atom, the main element of which is the same CPU. However, the CPU is not the only component of the platform - the company it is a set of system logic family of Intel 945 Express, an Intel System Controller Hub (Intel SCH). At this time, developers of mini-laptops or MID-machines could choose only from those two options.
However, the situation in the relatively near future may change for the better - according to reports emerged earlier, the company Intel and NVIDIA have joined efforts, which aim is to develop a system of logic that has the support of processors Atom. As a possible candidate for the role chipset for Intel processors has cost the system logic NVIDIA MCP73 IGP, equipped with integrated graphics kernel. It enhanced the productivity of graphics subsystem platform through the use of more powerful NVIDIA solutions and is the main objective pursued by Intel.
And just the other day online resource VR-Zone presented interesting information about upcoming new products a California company - according to reports, NVIDIA will give support microchips Intel Atom media and communications processors MCP7A and MCP79. The most interesting in terms of functionality decision MCP7A, has a supporting SLI - the possibility of organizing the work of a pair of video cards through two interfaces PCI Express x8. Among other functionalities of the MCP is worth noting support for the four slots for connecting modules RAM DDR2-533/667/800, slot PCI Express x1, six-port SATA, a PCI. However, guided by common sense, it can be argued that used to be far from all possibilities MCP7A - expected to immediately install two graphics adapters in a system based on Intel Atom processor is not worth it.
As for solutions MCP79, then it will create motherboards form factor Pico-ITX with the support of single-RAM SO-DIMM standard DDR3.
It appears, based on a system of logic MCP7A and MCP79 will be issued so-called nettopy - compact desktop computers for which such options as being autonomous work is not exactly no practical significance. It is in this case, high performance graphics subsystem, even in spite of the few growing energy need for the court - the computers will be able to play videos, including high definition.


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