NVIDIA nForce 780a logic modernizes and prepares to release nForce 770i

August 5, 2008, 4:19 pm

   NVIDIA Corporation informed of their regular partners on the upcoming new sets of system logic:chipset platform for Socket AM2 nForce 780a technology to support Advanced Clock Calibration (ACC), as well as logic nForce 770i for processors company Intel. Let`s start a conversation with models nForce 780a, which has the support functions of ACC. The latter is designed to give users access to additional options in the working frequency processors, in particular, AMD Phenom 8000 and 9000, which makes it possible to achieve better results in dispersing microchips. Support is provided by ACC bridge connecting the south to the interface JTAG, as well as updating the BIOS motherboards.
Regarding model NVIDIA nForce 770i, which is the only cut-off version topmark logic nForce 790i, which makes it less productive, but much cheaper. And consequently, grow and the demand for model nForce 770i. As an opponent model supports the decision of Intel - P45 with support for DDR3-memory, but in the case of option from NVIDIA supports native technology SLI, while P45 supports CrossFire.
Thus, the Californian company plans to update the model range of system logic for productive computers, which should be an excellent choice for those who wish to obtain the chipset with excellent price/performance.


• 780a acc
• acc 780a
• asrock 780a south bridge
• “Advanced Clock Calibration” nforce 780a
• evga 770i
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