NVIDIA prepares a cheaper version of GeForce GTX 295

March 28, 2009, 4:44 pm

nvidia prepares a cheaper version of geforce gtx 295   The developers of dual graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD to strictly adhere to the usual design. For construction of California`s flagship product engineers like a sandwich consisting of two separate printed circuit boards with a single cooling system. Each of them is installed on a graphic chipu with his half videobufera and food chains. In turn, the experts from AMD believes the best location of the two graphics chips, memory chips and associated electronics on a single motherboard.
According to the Asian site Expreview.com, the company NVIDIA has decided to revise its approach to the design of dual accelerators. The reference design GeForce GTX 295 with the code P656 in the near future give way to the new version number P658, provides for the deployment of all electronic components on a printed circuit board. What`s curious, engineers managed to keep the length of the accelerator at the same level - 267 mm. Workers also do not change the frequency and amount 576/1242/1998 MHz for the core, stream processors and video. Supplementary feeding will continue to be connected with two connectors to the 6 and 8 contacts.
Based on the published sketch, the cooling system include the radiator, two, one for each graphics chip, and a fan of the relatively large size. At the back of the card will be installed metal plate covering half of the 28 memory chips. At the front end of the accelerator will find at least two digital video Dual-Link DVI, and air vents for the release of heated air out of the shell.
No doubt, the challenge before the new cooling system is not easy, because the video card GeForce GTX 295 contains five sources of heat:two 55-nm graphics processor marked G200-400-B3, two circuits NVIO2 to output images at displays, as well as chip-switch PCI-E-bus NF200.
The work on the design of P658 is expected to be completed within the next month. In selling a new revision of GeForce GTX 295 is not expected before May. It is possible that by the middle of the second quarter of the current production version of the accelerator can be minimized.
In the view of kaliforniytsev, the transition to a Single layout helps significantly reduce the cost of production dvuhchipovoy card, which is very relevant in the face of fierce competition in the market accelerators class Hi-End, increased with the lowering of the recommended price of Radeon HD 4870 X2 before announcement GeForce GTX 295. Now dual champion from AMD can be found for less than $ 400, not only in the west, but the domestic retail. Competing sandwich from NVIDIA will cost about $ 100-130 more expensive, depending on brand and store. Consequently, for many customers, faced with a choice flagship accelerator, this difference in cost may be a decisive argument in favor of less productive Radeon HD 4870 X2.


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