NVIDIA Quadro NVS 450:two core and four exit DisplayPort

November 29, 2008, 7:55 am

nvidia quadro nvs 450:two core and four exit displayport 
nvidia quadro nvs 450:two core and four exit displayport   Specifically for the needs of corporate users, active desktop computer operating system configurations with multiple displays, the company released a new professional NVIDIA Quadro NVS 450 graphics card business class Equipped once four ports DisplayPort.
According to the developers, their offspring allows you to connect up to four 30-inch screen and is capable of displaying a picture with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels (DisplayPort) or 1920 x 1200 pixels (DVI-D), with the second case would require a special adapter DisplayPort to DVI.
The decision is based on two videochipov with eight streaming processors each, manufactured under the bus PCI Express 2. 0 x16 and cooled by a passive way of the black aluminum radiator, covering almost the entire surface of the printed circuit board. At the same time have on board 512 MB (256 MB for the kernel) GDDR3 memory with 64-bit interface, a bandwidth of 11, 2 Gb/s and frequency of 1400 MHz, while the operating frequency of image nuclei of 480 MHz. It is also worth noting that the accelerator is compatible with DirectX 10. 0 Shader Model 4. 0 and OpenGL 2. 1, power consumption is only 35 W, and supports technology NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology and NVIDIA CUDA Technology.
finally announced that the first of partners NVIDIA, who have already begun to offer a novelty in Reference performance, but under its own brand, became ELSA Technology.


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