NVIDIA second time refused to chipsets ?

October 9, 2008, 11:10 am

   Recently, the company NVIDIA had failures:proved disappointing second quarter of 2008, when kaliforniytsy for the first time in a long time, reported losses in early autumn shareholders NVIDIA filed in court , Accusing the company of concealing information about the defective graphics processors;almost simultaneously with these events was officially announced plans to reduce about 360 jobs, or 6, 5% of the total. But the most surprising was the summer the message about the possible resignation NVIDIA to market the system logic. Officials from the company to urgently declare insolvency data, and various speculations on this topic quickly came down to nothing. Moreover, that particular reason to trust them was not:NVIDIA holds about 60% of the market chipsets for AMD-platform, strong decisions supporting technology SLI, so that the special problems of the company should not suffer.
However, the topic still have to return to the emergence of a new piece of information on the possible refusal of further development of NVIDIA chipsetnogo own business. A new wave of rumors was born analytical agency Pacific Crest, whose representative said that they reported to the company in the next year, renounce further development of their own chipsets. Official comments have not yet followed, but hardly expect a different reaction than a refutation of the information provided by NVIDIA.
However, this is not all bad news - all under the same Pacific Crest, a California company`s financial performance is also very far from optimal. This applies not only to have referred to the second quarter of 2008 - according to unofficial reports, the third quarter of 2008 will also be a loss for NVIDIA. While difficult to talk about the reliability of data, but the public will receive all of its attention in the near future, when the company accountable for its work for a specified time period. If the rumors are confirmed, then it is treated more carefully and to report on the care with NVIDIA chipset market.
Building on the theme of challenges to be faced, or have already faced California company, it is impossible not to mention the complexity of the situation in the notebook market, or rather graphic adapters for them. In the near future, according to some estimates, seriously affect the position of kaliforniytsev mobile graphics market, which will have a significant pressure integrated graphics core of the platform Montevina. And even the use of videochipov NVIDIA mobile computers, Apple, as officially announced, apparently on 14 October, did not save the situation, because the case involves only the top modifications MacBook Pro, while the more popular model series MacBook and MacBook Air will be equipped with an integrated solution Intel . This also adversely affect the financial performance of NVIDIA - to show that the company occur difficult times.


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