NVIDIA Tegra - the basis of MID-aids cost up to $ 100

February 16, 2009, 11:38 pm

nvidia tegra - the basis of mid-aids cost up to $ 100 
nvidia tegra - the basis of mid-aids cost up to $ 100   NVIDIA California company last year introduced its own public platform for mobile devices - NVIDIA Tegra, however since information about the upcoming new products were in the majority of the informal character. Now kaliforniytsy again have occasion to remember the Tegra, back to the mobile to Congress World Mobile Congress 2009 a couple of releases, which allow us to hope for an early appearance on the world market of devices based on that platform.
To begin with, the NVIDIA Tegra will be the basis for a functional, but at the same time, and extremely affordable MID-apparatus, the cost of which would be about $ 100. Despite the price, the decision will not be limited in functional terms:stated the possibility of playing high definition video (both 780p, and 1080p), support for wireless networks Wi-Fi and the growing popularity of third generation networks (3G). Promised that Tegra-aids will be a full solution to the on-line services, Operating system Microsoft Windows CE with all the attendant pluses and minuses.
However, the Tegra platform should provide the basis not only for Windows-machines:the company NVIDIA officially announced the partnership with Google and Open Handset Alliance, which has resulted in a full package of software with open source Android mobile processor-based Computer-on-chip Tegra. With the Android software manufacturers and operators can now easily use the Tegra processors to create a mobile phones with advanced user capabilities, which support work with web content and provide a full range of services.
is now available in the heart of the platform Tegra, namely, a series of highly integrated chips 600 and APX. The first is a decision class SoC (System-on-Chip), provide advanced multimedia functionality and low power consumption and will form the basis of visual computing the next-generation mobile Internet devices (MID) platform at the Microsoft Windows Mobile and CE.
Basic features:
  • play HD video with resolution up to 1080p;
  • GeForce GPU with the ultra-low energy consumption for intuitive and smooth 3D user interfaces;
  • mediaprotsessor built to ensure the reproduction of more than 100 hours of audio and 10 hours of HD video;
  • image processor with advanced data processing DSC and HD camcorder;
  • communications capabilities that support the Web 2. 0, and applications for communication;
  • displays support 1080p HDMI, WSXGA LCD, SXGA CRT, and NTSC/PAL TV-out.
APX series are distinguished by high productivity and will form the basis of Microsoft Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Android devices, smartphones, portable navigation (PND) and portable media (PMP) the next generation.
Basic features:
  • shooting and playback 720p HD video;
  • the lowest possible power consumption when using demanding applications to resources, such as 720p HD video;
  • 3D user interface, enabling the web browsing and content navigation;
  • for high quality HD video technology, NVIDIA PureVideo;
  • the ability to access visually intensive online applications like games and working with maps.


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