NZXT Avatar - Mouse for the destruction of virtual enemies

June 13, 2008, 2:22 am

nzxt avatar - mouse for the destruction of virtual enemies   Company NZXT, well known for its high quality corps, decided to please zayadlyh igromanii geymerskoy issuance of the new mouse, called Avatar.
This product differs very ergonomic design of its hull, has special rubberized inserts to provide better capture and is a universal solution, suitable for use as right or left hand. The device connects to a PC through the USB-cable, equipped with optical positioning system, as well as quatre equipped with a switch that allows on-the-fly change authorization"rodents"in the range of 650 to 2600 dpi. In addition, the product is equipped with seven programmable buttons, allowing the user can customize the manipulator so that it became an effective tool to achieve their goals in a game.
manufacturer`s recommended price for NZXT Avatar set at $ 60, the novelty is already available for purchase.


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