O chipsetnom business NVIDIA:official rebuttal and comments

May 2, 2008, 1:56 am

   Just a few hours ago at our site, with reference to the Taiwanese source The DigiTimes was issued a news release cease NVIDIA chipsets ?, which refers to the possible withdrawal companies out of business by NVIDIA producing chipsets. The message referred to Taiwanese resource information from anonymous sources in the circles of motherboard manufacturers, and there are no representatives commented NVIDIA.
just 3DNews. ru rebuttal received information from Taiwanese sources and official commentary details directly from NVIDIA, more accurately say - from heads of units of the company for the production of logic of motherboards. A complete text of the message, translated from English into Russian.

  • The text, posted on Digitimes, is totally groundless. We do not have the slightest intention nor go out of business for the production of chipsets.
  • In fact, our business for the production of MCP strong as ever, and this is true for both platforms - both for AMD, and for Intel:
    • According to the latest report of independent marketing research market, the company Mercury Research, market share of NVIDIA platform for AMD was in the second quarter of 2008 60%. We have consistently hold this position for more than two years.
    • SLI technology is still a preferred multi-GPU platform, thanks to its outstanding scalability, compatibility with games and stability drivers.
    • Chipset nForce 790i SLI is a choice that is recommended versions [and test laboratories] all over the world, thanks to powerful combination of performance memory overclocking opportunities and support SLI. This is confirmed by the findings of numerous articles on testing nForce 790i SLI.
  • In the short term, we intend to submit a new market, very impressive MCP for AMD platforms and Intel.
    That such a comment. Editorial 3DNews. ru also want to add that the superior characteristics chipset nForce 790i SLI and its magnificent potential disperse confirmed our article ASUS Striker II NSE at the chipset NVIDIA nForce 790i SLI.
    At the moment we can only wonder about the reasons that prompted the Taiwanese resource unverified publish false information.
    Key considerations about this logically fit in only two options:either communication with Taiwan`s misunderstanding was created because of misunderstandings by the very"anonymous sources among manufacturers of motherboards"some working moments, resulting in scattered details were incorrect conclusions, or (that much trouble, but no less likely) it was a deliberate provocation, designed to overshadow the business reputation of NVIDIA. Moreover, in a moment when NVIDIA, according to some (again, unconfirmed) data, is negotiating the possible use of its chipsets in future models of laptops Apple.
    Perhaps the real causes of this"technology feyka"we do not ever know. However, now it would be logical to wait for rebuttal and commentaries The DigiTimes. Our readers among the first to be informed of further developments, although, in fact, the question, which has risen all the noise, after official comment could be called closed:NVIDIA chipsetnogo of business is not running out.


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