OCZ has released a series of BP 400-700 Watts for gaming systems

August 3, 2008, 2:41 pm

ocz has released a series of bp 400-700 watts for gaming systemsocz has released a series of bp 400-700 watts for gaming systems 
ocz has released a series of bp 400-700 watts for gaming systems   Every year, personal computers become more powerful. But along with rising energy performance. If the producers of central processors yet been able to keep the appetite of its products in an acceptable framework, the industry graphics accelerators are increasing demands for food alarming rate. As a result, for the needs of high-performance gaming configurations class Hi-End already requires sources of power up to 1 kW. A grass-roots units in the system all users are becoming more familiar 400-500 - W model.
In response to increasing demands for food subsystem company OCZ Technology proposed a new range of sources ModXStream Pro, focusing on the use of modern gaming systems, medium-and high-class, including multichipovye SLI configurations and CrossFire. ModXStream Pro Series is represented by four models, able to make a total capacity of 400, 500, 600 and 700 Watts. All they conform to specifications ATX12V v2. 2 and EPS12V. As befits such a level blocks, equipped with new items from OCZ scheme active power factor correction (Active PFC) and are quite high efficiency reaches 82%.
According to the developers, the division of nutrition tires on 12 in two channels is the best solution from the standpoint of efficiency and distribute the load. For example, for 500 - W model ModXStream Pro maximum current lines 12V1 and 12V2 may reach 2 x 18 A. For older model 700 W maximum output current loads should not go beyond 25 A per channel. The new products implemented reliable protection from overloading on the current, voltage and short circuits, which guarantee security, as sources themselves and consumers alike. Blocks ModXStream Pro can maintain over a wide range of input voltage - from 100 to 240 B.
The responsibility for filling in the electronic cooling capacity of 500 models, 600 and 700 W placed on the shoulders of 120 - mm fans. Regarding the younger 400 - W modification, it cooled fan size 140 mm. The company OCZ argue that the high efficiency power supplies should not be combined with noise fans. PowerWhisper Technology considers this an important requirement for lovers of silence. It is also worth noting that the developers used ModXStream Pro Series modular system connecting cables. This must evaluate those users who seek to improve the air in the system unit and brooks no extra cables.
Dimensions blocks OCZ ModXStream Pro comprise 150 x 165 x 86 mm. For the average estimated time trouble declared 100 thousand hours, subject to exploitation at or above 25 C # 730;. All four source will be accompanied by original three-year warranty. Questions appearance in sales and value of new products in the press release, unfortunately, are not affected.


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