OCZ Silencer 910:quality quiet BLIs Class 80 Plus Silver

April 29, 2009, 3:12 pm

ocz silencer 910:quality quiet blis class 80 plus silver   The company PC Power Cooling, part of the Industrial Group OCZ Technology Group, introduced a new Power Supply Silencer 910. According to the developers, their novelty is exceptionally stable and reliable, allowing to position her for the demanding computer enthusiast. It can be used in professional workstations and gaming systems, Class High-End.
As the name model, PPCS910, the new BP has a capacity of 910 Watts. Recall, in line Silencer is a model with a capacity of 370 Watts. A feature of all of the family is a very low noise level. Silencer for the power supply capacity of 370 and 500 W, this ratio is within 20 - 32 dBA, and for new items ranging from 28 to 38 dBA depending on the load.
It should be noted that PPCS910 certificate awarded 80 Plus Silver. Remember, this means that power efficiency is not less than 85% when loading at 20% and 100%, and at least 88% when loading at 50%.
Price new items will not exceed $ 200.
  • Power:910 watts (1000 W peak);
  • Exits:5V - 30 A, 12 V - 74 A (peak load 82 A), 3 , 3B - 24 A;
  • Protection from excess output current:135% OPP;
  • The protection of the excess output voltage on lines 3, 3B, 5B, 12B;
  • Operating temperature:0 - 50 ° C;
  • The effectiveness of the fan:25 - 50 cubic feet per minute;
  • Noise Level:28 - 38 dBA;
  • Connectors:Two 6-pin PCI-E, 6/8-kontaktnyh two PCI-E, 12 SATA, 7 peripheral devices;
  • time time between failures:100 thousand hours;
  • Warranty:5 years.


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