OCZ Z1000:first 1-kW power supply with a certified 80 Plus Gold

April 4, 2009, 8:48 am

ocz z1000:first 1-kw power supply with a certified 80 plus gold 
ocz z1000:first 1-kw power supply with a certified 80 plus gold   The range of power supplies OCZ Technology company added a new line BLIs Z Series. Flagship Series Z1000 power 1000 W, according to the manufacturer, is the first industry-kilowatt power supply, certified 80 Plus Gold. The rest of the representatives of the new series, 650-W Z650 and Z550 Tu-550 meet the requirements of 80 Plus Silver.
Remember, for a 80 Plus Gold certification of power supply should be characterized by the efficiency of not less than 87% when loading at 20% and 100%, and at least 90% when loading at 50%. For the specifications of 80 Plus Silver and 80 Plus Bronze requirements as follows:85% and 88%, 82% and 85% respectively.
selected technical information on new products according to the schedule published by the efficiency of the load on the manufacturer`s website:now the documentation for the Z550, Z650 and Z1000.
At last, I would like to note that the kilowatt power supply at the CeBIT 2009 the company demonstrated the Enermax, but it was a prototype. OCZ Z1000, which incidentally was also a show in Hannover, is already a reality products launched into serial production.


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