Office of electronic paper with your phone

October 16, 2008, 1:04 pm

office of electronic paper with your phoneoffice of electronic paper with your phone 
office of electronic paper with your phone   Research Laboratory of Japanese telecommunications company KDDI has demonstrated a prototype portable viewing system (Portable Viewer System), which consists of devices for reading electronic books and conventional mobile phone. The image on the screen phone for wireless channel is transmitted to the memory of Beech-reader and displayed on its large, 13 1-inch color display.
The transfer of data between devices by using infrared radiation, which, as you may recall, until Bluetooth is widely used for information sharing by users of mobile phones. Interestingly, beech reader has only to click on/off power, and all other control functions are performed by using the phone keypad.
The display was designed e-book technology-based Electronic Liquid Power company Bridgestone. It displays 4096 colors and perelistyvaet one page in 12 seconds.
The developers believe that they will find a new use among financiers and insurance specialists, who need a device capable of displaying personal information and other data on the relatively large screen, and in doing so ensure the security of information by using the remote locking and remote data destruction.


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