OLPC free offers producers design XO laptop

February 13, 2009, 9:30 am

olpc free offers producers design xo laptop   The head of OLPC, Nicholas Negroponte (Nicholas Negroponte) to TED 2009 conference stated that the design and construction documentation for the next generation of student laptops for $ 100 (XO) will be offered free to other manufacturers . Such a move, according to Negroponte, the XO will allow raised popularity and due to massive reduce the cost of a laptop. With the release of the first generation $ 100 laptop for the OLPC is not able to achieve the desired objectives. Cost XO nearly twice the stated, and the sale of the commercial versions do not bring tangible investments. OLPC was able to produce only about half XO. One of the reasons for the failure Negroponte calls the massive growth market netbukov, ottyanuvshy interest from the commercial version of XO. With the latest initiative for the dissemination of design next Negroponte XO binds hopes to increase production to 5-6 million per month for three years.
The program filling notebooks is an open software operating system, Sugar-based Linux. However, the organization started cooperation with Microsoft to use in the XO Windows. A month ago, OLPC has been forced to reduce staff by 50% and reduce the salary remaining employees.


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