One in five phone touch - already in 2009

April 18, 2009, 12:30 pm

   According to the Taiwan company`s Young Fast Optoelectronics, dealing with issuance of the touch panel, Ty J. Lin, in the current year is expected to significantly increase the number of handheld devices equipped with touch display . By the end of this year, the proportion of touch phones to double as compared to last year and will reach 20%. The greatest impact on expanding segment of touch phones, according to Lin, will have a South Korean giants Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.
The growth of the market touch phones primarily associated with an increase in demand for sensory function in the segments of secondary and primary levels. As pointed out by Mr. Lin, 80% of income Young Fast Optoelectronics formed due to orders from such major partners such as HTC, Samsung and LG. At this time, the volume of their orders about equal, but in the near future, more may emerge Samsung and LG, to market aggressively promoting their sensory apparatus, said a source.
The projected Lina, in 2009 the proportion of capacitive touch panel market will be 30%, whereas the resistive solutions occupy 70%, respectively.


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