One million Metal Gear Solid 4 sold in the U. S.

January 22, 2009, 7:57 pm

one million metal gear solid 4 sold in the u. s. 
one million metal gear solid 4 sold in the u. s.   According to recent figures NPD, the fourth part of the legendary spy saga Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation 3 sold out in the U. S. edition of 1 million copies. We do not know whether it would be a proud Konami and Kojima. Of course, this is a good result, but the Guns of the Patriots and could squeeze out more, given how events unfolded in this ambitious project. In addition, the premiere for a month in the region had bought 775 thousand copies of the product.
For comparison, another exclusive for the PlayStation 3 - a game LittleBigPlanet - sold in the U. S. edition of 600 thousand copies. It is much better than the shooter Resistance 2 for the same platform.
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