Open Contacts 5. 3. 7:free organizer

April 2, 2009, 12:51 pm

open contacts 5. 3. 7:free organizer   The new version of the program, designed to store contact information about individuals and organizations. The program is useful, especially business people who work are forced to communicate with a lot of other people. The program helps to organize a database of contacts, indicating for each of an unlimited number of fields. All data can be organized into categories, which can combine information about people who work in the same enterprise. Open Contacts allows you to create links to any external program, for example, that when choosing a phone number running Skype, when you select the postal address - Thunderbird, etc. For any of the fields, you can search and download additional plug-in you can use the search capability of an application Google Desktop.
The latest version of expanded import from Microsoft Outlook 2003 and later versions.
Developer:Fonlow IT Distribution:free Operating system:Windows All Size 4, 91 MB, you can Download here.


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