OpenCL driver developer from NVIDIA

April 21, 2009, 8:20 pm

opencl driver developer from nvidia   NVIDIA Corporation announced the release of driver package OpenCL and SDK (Software Development Kit) for developers involved in the program OpenCL Early Access. NVIDIA has informed that members of OpenCL Early Access now be able to participate in the beta test. For participants in the program GPU Computing Registered Developers Beta driver OpenCL will be available later.
The strategy of using NVIDIA GPU based on the architecture of parallel computing CUDA, which promotes the company since 2006. CUDA architecture today can be found through the industry standard development environment, including C, Java, Fortran, and Python, and supports all computing interfaces, as a complement to the OpenCL. CUDA is already working on more than 100 million graphics processors NVIDIA.
To participate in the program OpenCL Early Access developers can apply here.


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