Opera browser is 15 years old

April 28, 2009, 11:54 am

opera browser is 15 years old   Fifteen years ago, two scientists in research laboratories of the company, now known as Telenor, looks ready to take over a new draft. They were going to create your own web browser. The first line of code, then turned in Opera - the browser, installed and continues to set standards of functionality and performance for the entire market for web browsers.
John von Techner (Jon von Tetzchner), CEO of Opera Software, and Geir Ivars (Geir Ivars # 248;y) began to create original web browser for desktop systems in April 1994, now Opera browser on computers that are running Windows, Mac and Linux using about 40 million people.
Opera browser for desktop computers is the first step towards creating a unified cross-platform kernel. They can work at many hardware, and now Opera offers internet access via a wide range of devices. Television, TV consoles, media players, mobile phones, game consoles, cars and, of course, computers - all of these devices make the Opera browser available for hundreds of millions of users worldwide. The first release of Opera included the use of tabs to download and view multiple Web pages in a single browser window.
In 2001 the company has proposed an instrument Opera Mouse Gestures, which improved the navigation on the World Wide Web. System Speed Dial, allowing to quickly open the sites with the main browser pane, and a mechanism to synchronize Opera Link considerably simplify the work with bookmarks, regardless of what device is used to access the network.
In this year the company introduced the technology of Opera Opera Turbo, which allows you to compress the contents of Web pages and upload them quickly, even with low speed Internet connection.
More information about the history of Opera browser can be read here.


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