Opera browser can be managed with the help of facial expressions

April 1, 2009, 5:26 pm

opera browser can be managed with the help of facial expressions   Opera Software announced its latest development, which will appear in the next, tenth, version of the browser Opera. This is a technology Face Gestures, through which users can control the browser by using facial expressions. To use the new function, which will operate under the same principle as Mouse Gestures, will require a web camera.
Technology Face Gestures founded Opera Software in conjunction with the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS). This - the best in the world of technology recognize the facial expressions, based solely on JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The development of Face Gestures lasted more than seven years.
At present, Face Gestures includes more than 45 elements, ranging from opening new tabs to the rehabilitation sessions. Using a new feature and a built-mail client, you can even compose and send email. To activate the Opera Face Gestures quite simply press F8.


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