Opera is preparing to launch compression Service Opera Turbo

February 14, 2009, 6:43 am

   Opera has announced the imminent launch of service Opera Turbo, designed to increase the speed of the internet. In fact, nothing unusual in the Opera Turbo no - service is designed to compress the traffic through proxy servers. Judging from statements made by Opera, the main feature is a fairly high degree of data compression - up to 80%. Use Opera Turbo may be in the browser Opera, designed for PCs, Opera Mobile and development environment Opera Devices.
Thus, Opera will have two servers for compression - one will deal with the compression of files for Opera Mini, as before, and the second is for Opera Turbo, and the user will see the page the same as that without compression. The content-type Flash or Ajax will not shrink. Opera representatives say that the service will benefit not only end users but also mobile network operators, as well as producers of equipment, as well as compressed data will be less than the load network and occupy less space on your mobile. In effect the work of Opera Turbo will demonstrate at the Mobile World Congress 2009.


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