Operators and retailers were threatened with Sony Ericsson

April 6, 2009, 2:56 pm

operators and retailers were threatened with sony ericsson   The quality of the products Sony Ericsson once again raises questions. As the mobiletoday. co. uk, the UK mobile operators and retailers met with a huge percentage of return models.
Customers are not satisfied with the quality of C902, C905, and W910 and K850. In some cases, the percentage of marriage is not less than 30%, the company reported. It turns out that of about 10 models sold in Europe, 4 returned to vendors.
Sony Ericsson w910
distributors are not satisfied. Some have said that is not ready to take on the implementation of the flagship device, if their quality does not match declared.
Previously, representatives of Sony Ericsson confirmed that the first batch were defective C905. However, they were immediately reassured customers that the phones do not have a second wave of problems.


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