Organika increases its speed capabilities

April 28, 2009, 6:43 am

organika increases its speed capabilities 
organika increases its speed capabilities   Organic semiconductors promise to become a new word in the electronics, allowing you to create different elements of modern electronic devices, ranging from conventional LEDs, finishing with organic transistors. At the same advantages of this approach, the creation of high-performance, flexible devices at low cost. To date, most attention is paid to the formation of organic semiconductor materials with p-type conductivity. This is due to the possibility of creating materials with high mobility of charge carriers, while the organic n-type conductors can not boast the same great results. However, the use of both types of conductivity of semiconductors is indispensable for the further expansion of the scope of organics.
However, in the absence of attempts to create high-speed organic semiconductor material n-conductivity can not blame the researchers. Moreover, there are some successes in improving the mobility of electrons - a team of researchers Stanford University`s Institute of Technology Samsung and Korea University Sinkunkvan (Sungkyunkwan University) reported on the establishment of an organic transistor based on a material with high mobility of charge carriers. They were able to significantly increase the value of this parameter up to the highest values achieved to date for p-type semiconductors.
Researchers have developed a unique method of forming mikroprovodnikov based on organic materials, which are then used to create transistors. As a starting material have been identified organic molecules, which, if placed in hot highly concentrated solution, organized in mikroprovodniki. Managing this process was carried out by cooling and use of poor solvent (in which the process of dissolution of organic molecules is very slow). Changing the cooling rate and composition of the solution, scientists can change the parameters of the final product, such as the diameter of the conductor (in the tens of nanometers), and its length (from a few millimeters to several tens of millimeters). As a result, scientists were excellent conductors of monocrystalline structure and orientation of molecules along the axis of the conductor can increase the mobility of charge carriers.
The next stage of research was the development of transport patterns resulting in the structure of the transistor, the result was the creation of a method of filtering and transport (filtration-and-transfer - FAT) of organic mikroprovodnikov. He allows the dense film is strictly oriented and intact organic conductors.
The method of obtaining structures with a high mobility of charge carriers will lead to the creation of a new generation of electronic devices based on organic semiconductors, characterized by high productivity. Among the most interesting applications are the cells for solar panels and sensors.


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