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December 17, 2008, 6:13 am

   The time when the company Palm several years of steadily dominated the PDA market, and it is based, have already completely forget. Advances in technology vybilo from the hands of the main trump card - the advantage of operating system quickly and steadily working on a modest hardware configuration. His role also played a shift of interest connected with the classic PDA to smart phones and competition in this segment was much harsher. As a result, preparing a presentation of its new OS Palm Nova exhibition at the January CES, the company aims to take with it 2% of the market smartphones, and even a small percentage is regarded as a very optimistic forecast. Nevertheless, the success or failure of the operating system may decide fate of the company.
Palm Nova - the operating system, built based on Linux, and backward compatibility with thousands of applications written under older versions of Palm OS. New software platform needs to have a very outstanding and unique features to compete with Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android, not to mention the mobile incarnation OS X, running on the iPhone. Perhaps even more tight competition will turn out to the current rights holder for the Palm OS, the company Access. While Palm reduces 10% of its 1050 staff, Access has a team in 1600 people and svezhevyshedshey third version of Access Linux Platform, supports a wide range of hardware - from mobile phones to consumer electronics, and contains in its composition W3C-compatible widgets .
Palm hopes that the device at CES in Nova spodvignut OS developers to take up writing very interesting applications by mid-2009, when the planned exit of new smartphones on the market. So far, however, that it is unclear by what the strengths and perhaps unique properties of the platform the company expects to interested developers and win the hearts of buyers.


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