Over three years, Microsoft is investing in Russia 10 billion rubles

April 21, 2009, 8:20 am

over three years, microsoft is investing in russia 10 billion rubles   The General Director of Microsoft, Steve Balmer today visited Moscow on a working visit. At the final press conference, he announced the launch of a three-year investment plan of the volume of 10 billion rubles (about 300 million U. S. dollars). The package of investment to launch a series of immediate short-term crisis programs, as well as further expansion of long-term projects, Microsoft Russia.
The head of the corporation praised the actions of the Russian Government in terms of financial instability, and stressed the importance of developing the IT industry as a basis for constructing the innovation economy.
Technological innovation provides an important stimulus for long-term economic growth, and we are very pleased that the Russian leadership sees the crisis as a historic opportunity for structural change, to accelerate the transition of the country`s economy to innovative rails - Steve Balmer said. - Russia is a strategically important market for Microsoft, and we are ready to actively participate in promoting sustained economic growth.
Steve Balmer announced that already this year, Microsoft, in agreement with the government, plans to launch in Russia of basic computer skills training, as well as training for students and graduates in IT skills.
In the period from 2009 to 2012 in the training centers of their computer skills can increase up to 300 thousand, which will contribute to their competitiveness in the labor market. Currently, 60 such centers operate in 43 regions of the country. Microsoft plans to open centers of learning in each subject of the Federation, bringing the total to one hundred.
As part of the training program, students in more than two hundred high schools the country in which the IT Academy of Microsoft, will be able to obtain additional skills in the IT field.
Microsoft will also support the Russian innovative start. As the head of the corporation, in a three-year term, more than 1000 Russian companies will be able to get a wide range of software products Microsoft. This is a package of infrastructure solutions, and the complete application software for the equipment up to 10 jobs. The choice of companies to participate in the project will be implemented by the Russian Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the scientific-technical sphere.
Speaking of the long-term programs, Steve Balmer said that one of the most important areas for corporate investment remains education. According to him, Microsoft will continue to actively develop centers of innovation on the basis of Russia`s leading technical universities. Already, their number reached 10 in Russia, but only in the last six months, open 5 points.
Steve Balmer also announced that the DreamSpark program this year will be extended to secondary schools. Now completely free access to modern tools of development and design of Microsoft will have not only students of any university, but students of Russian school.


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