Overlord:Minions - clone of The Lost Vikings

February 25, 2009, 10:33 am

overlord:minions - clone of the lost vikings   In the blog Kotaku posted a small preview for an interesting game Overlord:Minions for handheld console Nintendo DS.
According to the journalists, the developers of the project drew inspiration from the famous The Lost Vikings (1992) from Blizzard. Spinof famous mixture of action and strategies aimed at a young audience than the original. At the passage of each mission needed only 20 minutes. Manage the entire responsibility of the stylus. In order to successfully cope with the tasks assigned to you need to manipulate all four characters. Alone will not be able to solve the problem.
So far, the project is far from complete, but the idea is quite fresh and interesting. We are looking forward to the release.
  • kotaku.com


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