Overview of Broken Sword:Shadow of the Templars for the DS from Wired

April 16, 2009, 4:00 pm

overview of broken sword:shadow of the templars for the ds from wired   Adventure game Broken Sword:Shadow of the Templars is familiar to virtually all fans of the genre. This master quest with intriguing plot, beautiful drawing, amusing characters, clever problem. Of course, we are very pleased to learn that the project will release a remake on the DS.
Perhaps the Wired staff members also share our enthusiasm. Reviewer Chris Kohler (Chris Kohler), wrote a famous book about the Japanese game industry, recently laid out in the review of the project. On the one hand, he said that the quest is not lost its charm, and stayed almost the same interest. On the other - it is clearly visible to those archaic elements that might offend modern gamers. In addition, management was not very good, some bad riddles made Final oiled too. On a add that price to $ 30 for a remake of old games, too, seems frankly exaggerated.
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