Ovi Store will become a platform for new project creator Heroes

April 6, 2009, 11:16 am

ovi store will become a platform for new project creator heroes   Online Shop Ovi Store will be launched in early May. According to Nokia, an increasing number of developers and content providers enter into an agreement with the service. One example of cooperation was signed recently a contract with Tim Kringom (Tim Kring), creator and executive producer of the series Heroes (HEROES).
The new draft Kringa called TEVA. It consists of elements that include both individual and group participation of users - the effect of the presence and participation is guaranteed to everyone. As the channel of propagation scenes narrative content will be used by service Ovi Store. The project will see the light of summer.
Note that the support of Ovi Store also said EA, Facebook, Fox Mobile, Glu, MySpace, Qik, The Associated Press, Netflix, Paramount Digital Entertainment, and Shazam. The store will buy the content for phones with Series 40 platform and S60


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