Pac-Man struggles with Alzheimer`s disease

April 28, 2009, 3:31 pm

pac-man struggles with alzheimer`s disease   Classic Arcade from 80th Pac-Man will help fight the terrible, incurable disease. Researchers from the American Hospital Mayo, based in Florida, learned how to break down amyloid proteins, which are the main causes of Alzheimer`s disease.
Medical enzyme was named Pac-Man, as he works on the same principle as the well-known game character:opening and closing by absorbing harmful elements. Representatives of Alzheimer s Research Trust has already called it an exciting discovery, but noted that while work is in the very early stages.
In the world of video games there is still a lot of characters whose names can be used in medicine. Just think, after 10 years we will be able to buy at the pharmacy Katamari-cancer pill or medicine Yoshi from influenza.
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