Palit GeForce 280 GTX with vodoblokom and replacement reed flame

August 30, 2008, 7:45 am

palit geforce 280 gtx with vodoblokom and replacement reed flame   Palit Company has recently strengthened as a brand in the eyes of buyers. This is well marked and could force many turn its attention to its products. The next step in this was done with a GeForce 280 GTX, which was demonstrated at the passing of the San Jose (CA, USA) conference NVISION.
Colleagues from the resource CHW Luidmila graphics card Palit GeForce 280 GTX equipped vodoblokom production DangerDen, which produced such vodoblok will only Palit. An interesting point is equipping its products three removable acrylic back, satisfied in the form of flame languages. For those keen on such a pleasant bonus Moding not seem redundant.
The cost of such a decision would be higher than that of graphic adapters GeForce 280 GTX. Adding more, Palit said that the novelty will cost less than a set of video cards and vodobloka.


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