Palm died in 2010 ?

April 23, 2009, 6:56 am

palm died in 2010 ?   Palm was on the list of 12 companies, which according to 24/7 Wall Street may close down next year. Disappointing forecasts follow from nemalenkih losses that Palm has many quarters in succession, as well as the hazy prospect tachfona Pre.
Palm Pre webOS is a platform with the QWERTY-keyboard and finger interface. Two ways of writing may seem attractive for those looking to iPhone and BlackBerry. True, they may become the main reason for the lack of success in the United States Pre. The market is overloaded and the summer is a new generation of iPhone.
During the last fiscal quarter, Palm lost $ 95 million, while earning only $ 91 million year earlier, revenue of the company valued at $ 312 million sale of phones dropped by 42% to 482 thousand smartphones.


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